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Release notes

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Release notes for each update of Loadkit is provided on this page.
== v3.1.2 == === Improvements ===- Brought back an option to import multiple links from clipboard === Fixes ===- An issue that caused crash when restoring default settings for temporary folder- Pin icon in the in-app browser == v3.1.1 == === New ===* Ability to calculate checksum of downloaded files == v3.0.29 == === Fixes ===* Fixed an issue related to resuming downloads when using the System engine.* Fixed an issue caused the app UI does not update and become unresponsive. == v3.0.27 == === Fixes ===* Fixed an issue with applying the "Maximum number of concurrent downloads" to the queue* Fixed the link to the browser integration section in settings == v3.0.26 == === Fixes ===* Fixed an issue with the input pane when using the in-app browser* Fixed some crash issues == v3.0.22 == === Improvements ===* Increased opacity of the progress bar === Fixes ===* Fixed an issue in license validation process == v3.0.19 == === New ===* Ability to select download engine for each download: "System", better background downloading "System (Partial)", more reliable downloads* Lock Screen notification* Toast notifications for scheduler* Ability to resize list of downloads horizontally (wide views)* Thumbnail image for unfinished downloads in the list === Improvements ===* Temporary data are stored in download folder by default to avoid storage issues* "System" downloads are directly saved to the download folder to eliminate the "Completing..." process* Sequential execution of multiple completion processes to improve performance* Delay between each automatic retry of scheduler* Improvements in scheduler* Reduced loading time* UI and performance improvements* Improvements in UI responsiveness === Fixes ===* A few bugs regarding to background downloading* An issue that caused download error (80131509)* "Cannot resume download" error (A0000001) when server returned a different value for LastModified header* Paused downloads (due to metered nework) did not resume after swithcing "Transfer on metered network" option on* UI issues when with text scaling === Misc. ===* Export and premium features of the in-app browser are now unlocked for free version users * Some features (Download Action, Multi-Language support, etc) are removed in this version and will be added on next updates  == v2.5.12 16 ==
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