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You may purchase Premium version to get more features, remove ads and other limits. More info about the Premium version is available here .

Note: Once you purchase, you will be able to use it on up to 8 Windows devices within the same Microsoft Account.

Purchase Premium

In order to purchase Premium version:

  1. Select Purchase from Hamburger Menu to navigate to the Purchase page
  2. Click Purchase button, you will be directed to Windows Store purchase system
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the process

Check if you have Premium

You may want to check if you are using free or Premium version of the app.

  1. Select Settings from Hamburger Menu to navigate to the Settings_overview page
  2. Click About
  3. Read version of the app is top of the About group

For free version it is:

Loadkit Download Manager [version number] Free

and for Premium version is it:

Loadkit Download Manager [version number] Premium

where [version number] indicates app version number regardless of being free or Premium.