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Loadkit Premium brings advanced features to Loadkit and removes limits of the free version.

Note: Free version of Loadkit is not being distributed since 3/14/2017. This document applies only to the users that received the free version earlier.


Scheduler allows you to schedule downloads by assigning them to queues. You can set start and stop time, for a specific date, time of day or day of week. Read more here in features page.

Unlimited downloads

List of downloads in free version of Loadkit can hold up to 25 items. Once it reachs its limit, existing downloads need to be removed in order to add new ones. Premium version of Loadkit removes this limit so you can add as much downloads as you want without removing existing downloads.

Download limit (free version)


Using the import feature, multiple downloads can be added to Loadkit from a text file, clipboard or manually through a list. You can review downloads, optionally select some of them and choose destination folder or category before importing them to Loadkit.

No Advertisements

In free version of Loadkit, advertisements are displayed in the downloads page. Premium version of Loadkit does not display any advertisements.

Advertisements (free version)