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User Interface

User Interface of Loadkit consists of four main components: Hamburger Menu, Pages, Dialogs and Command Bar.

User Interface (Mobile)
User Interface (Desktop)

Hamburger Menu

You can navigate between pages by the Hamburger Menu, which is placed on the left side of the app UI. In narrow screens, Hamburger Menu is hidden to give more space to each page. You can swipe from the left side of the screen to the right to make it visible. Alternatively, you can click the Toggle Button on top-left of the screen and it will show up.

Note: In the Browser page, Toggle Button is placed on the Command Bar instead of top-left of the screen.


Each page provides a set of functionalities. Current version of the app consists of the following pages:


Some part of user interaction is done though dialogs. Each dialog has a title on top which helps you to identify it when using this help document. You may close a dialog with back/escape button of your device.


Command Bar

A Command Bar is placed on top or bottom of each page (depending on size of the screen) which allows you to perform tasks related to that page. There are one or more buttons on each Command Bar and also in the More Menu. You click/tap More (...) button in the right side of the Command Bar to access buttons in the More Menu.