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What can I do when Loadkit does not start?

This may happen right after you install the app or when the app gets updated. You may try restarting your device, if it didn't work, reinstalling the app most likely fixes the problem.

How can I download a file with Loadkit?

There are several ways to download a file with Loadkit. Read more on the Add a new download page.

Why doesn't Loadkit work well in background?

Windows does not allow all apps to always run in background by default. This is due to limited memory and battery power in mobile devices. In order to allow Loadkit perform well in background, you need to change battery usage settings to allow the app to always run in background.

Why doesn't Loadkit download through cellular network?

In order to prevent unwanted costs, Loadkit does not use metered network (cellular network for example) by default. You can optionally enable downloading through metered network in Network Settings.

Why integration extension is not available for Microsoft Edge?

Loadkit Integration Extension for Microsoft Edge is ready. However, since extension platform is still in development, Microsoft Edge is not accepting public submissions to the store at this time.

What is the difference between System and System (Partial) engines?

In general, System works better for background downloading while System (Partial) improves reliability of the download.

What do I get in Premoum version?

You may purchase the Premium version to get more features, remove ads and other limits. Read more on the Premium overview page. Please note that free version of Loadkit is not being distributed since 3/14/2017. This answer applies only to users that received the free version earlier.