Loadkit allows you to save different type of files on different locations, quickly search your downloads and 'import and export your download list; all the tools that's needed to keep your downloads organized are there.

You can schedule downloads for the desired time by assigning them to queues. This will be helpful if you plan to postpone your downloads for the time you are not using your device.

Loadkit seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so you can automatically send downloads to it from your favorite browser.

HTTP, HTTPS and FTP Protocols

Loadkit supports downloading files from HTTP, HTTPS and FTP which are mostly used web protocols.


Loadkit allows you to optionally specify username and password in order to perform authorization before downloading a file.


Downloads are categorized based on their file extension to be easier to manage. Default categories are Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

  • Define customized categories
  • Assign different save folder to each category
  • Associate different file extensions to each category
  • Loadkit automatically assigns a download to a category by file extension

Filter, Sort and Search

Downloads are listed and can be filtered by their state or a search criteria, so you can easily search through them and get access to previously downloaded files.

  • Search downloads by their file name or address
  • Filter downloads by their state, category or queue
  • Sort downloads by date, name, size, status or address

In-app Browser

The in-app browser allows you to browser the web and directly download files with Loadkit.

  • Browse the web using Microsoft Edge engine
  • Directly download files from the browser
  • Multi tab support

Pause and Resume

Downloads that support resume feature can be paused at anytime and resumed later.

Import and Export

Downloads can be imported to Loadkit from a text file or clipboard.

  • Import and export from text file or clipboard
  • Use search and filter features to export specific downloads
  • Preview and choose specific downloads before importing
  • Import each download into its category or import all into a single category or folder

Live Tiles

Loadkit uses its live tile space to notify about new finished downloads, so you can track downloads without the need to open Loadkit. Just pin Loadkit to start and enjoy its live tile!

Background Download

In phone devices, downloads will continue even if the app is not in the foreground so you can use your phone while data transfer operation is running in background. You will be notified by notifications about completed downloads.

Other Features

  • Share Downloads
  • Drag & Drop Downloads
  • Action Center Notifications (optional)